Friday, September 23, 2011

C4T #2 Scott McLeod--Dangerously Irrevelant

Schools, Technology, Test scores, and the New York Times     by Scott McLeod

    Mr. McLeod made some great points in his blog. His post is a pushback against an article in the NYT. The article wondered whether investments in educational technology were worth it since standardized test scores weren't showing improvement. 
      makes excellent points and I  hope they were published in a letter to the editor. He emphasizes that technology strives for different outcomes than those of a bubble test.  He talks about he appalling lack of support in technology and lack of teacher training. It is terrible. That is, many teachers have access to great equipment and technologies but do not know how to use them.  Teachers need deep and rich integration training.  Scott says that technology is not used enough and that it is basically ridiculous to judge its effectiveness by a standardized test.  
      Technology is the present and the future.  It is not a fad .It  cannot be ignored   It will not go away . Scott reminds us that change is coming. For many, it already has.
     My comment to his  post was one of complete agreement. I told  him how I was renewing my teaching certificate after 17 years out of the classroom. I told him how easy it would have been to avoid the class on technology and take something else. There needs to be changes at the state level. I told him about a teacher I know that brags about not using her smart board. There is the lack of training he was talking about.
kids with laptops     I told him how I think that teachers really enjoy routine and don't like change. This is a hard mindset to overcome. It can be done but it is going to take some time.

Is this the year?

     Scott Mcleod wrote an open letter to principals and superintendents across the country. He asks them questions regarding this school year.  A principal or superintendent may feel uncomfortable with some of the questions.
     He asks about money being spent on technology, surveying students about communication, critical thinking and even the possibility of an on-line class.  He ends his post with a great admonition. If you don't do it, who will? It is a great post that makes you think about attitudes and the long road ahead.
     My comment on the post was positive. I enjoyed his questions. I told him his writing is so effective because he has a great ability to really make you think and he is not afraid to ask the difficult questions. He's not afraid to make you feel uncomfortable.
     I told him how much I enjoyed the letter and that every principal and superintendent across this country should read it.

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