Thursday, September 15, 2011

C4K #1 #2


     I chose to comment on Eric's blog in Mrs. Heubner's fifth grade class in Iowa.( Ben, the student I was assigned, had not posted).  Eric created a bio-poem and it was very creative and cute. He said that he was crazy, awesome and fun. In his poem  he says that he  is afraid of spiders and snakes. He also wants to be tall. Eric wants to be a dancer and a baseball player when he grows up. Eric also mentioned a root cow in his poem.
     I commented to Eric that I enjoyed his bio-poem and that he must be crazy, awesome and fun. I told him that I find spiders creepy and told him a story about my son catching a black widow in our yard. I tried to guess what a root cow is and told him that I would like a choco-cow.  I enjoyed his post and I feel certain that he enjoyed my response.


     Mikayla is  in Mrs. Kilgo's gifted class for fourth graders. She  posted information about prairie dogs  on her blog. She gave information about their size, weight, lifespan and species. It was a very informative post.
     I made several comments about prairie dogs  based on the information she provided. I also looked up a few more facts about prairie dogs on Wikipedia and gave them to Mikayla in my comment.
two prairie dogs
     It is nice to comment on a kid's blog.

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