Wednesday, September 28, 2011

C4K Summary post

I already summarized my comments on a previous post for Eric and Mikayla.

I will now summarize my comments for Whitney, Niaviana, and Julia.

ob nurseWhitney:  Whitney is in the eighth grade and wrote a very good bio poem. She wants to grow up to be an OB doctor. She gave me a small window into her life by this bio poem that was very well done.

I told her how much I enjoyed the poem and what a great job she had done on it. I encouraged her to follow her dreams and never give up. I told her that being an OB doctor would be very exciting and she could have a positive impact on many people. I gave her my blog URL and thanked her for the post.
Niaviana:  Naiviana wrote a thank you note to Lucy Buffett for her generous gift of technology. I told Naiviana that I hope she enjoys her ipad and uses wisely. With the right teacher,  it will  enhance her education. I told her she was very lucky.  I also told her that I thought her name was very unique and pretty.

Julia; Julia is a 20 year old girl from Russia. Her post was about all the different places she would like to visit like Australia, Egypt, and Africa.  She couldn't narrow it down to just one place. She chose 10 and gave very good reasons for wanting to visit.She loves fashion and good food. I told her that I liked the list and that I would like to visit Rome.
I told her a little about Mobile and provided the necessary URLs for the assignment. It's cool to be commenting on a blog in Russia.

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  1. From now on do monthly summary in one post. You can post and save every week and then publish on first Sunday.

    Around the world! That is fun. Julia is participating in the international blogging contest.

    I know from the comments of the teachers that they find your comments useful and the kids love getting them. Writing for a real audience is important!

    Well done. Thanks.