Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blog Post #4

Eagle's Nest Radio and Class Blog

     This is a great example of using pod casting in the classroom. I'm surprised, a little, at the young age of the students.  It reminds me that technology, like pod casting, can be used all along the educational system..The students definitely look happy in all of the activities that they are involved in.  This, to me, is the best advertisement for implementing pod casting in the classroom.  I'm sure they are learning, as well, which makes it even better. This is a great resource for teachers who want to see pod casting in action.
children pod casting

Benefits of Pod Casting in the Classroom by Joe Dale

     There are so many benefits to pod casting in the classroom. This video and site helps to emphasize this point.  Students are allowed to interact with each other and use their creativity and imagination.  These things are needed so much in the classroom.  There are even benefits for parents when it comes to pod casting. This makes the argument for pod casting even better. For example, when a child is sick, the information from a pod cast is readily and easily available. Pod casts are also very easy to do.  This is just one element of technology in the classroom that is easily promoted and put into practice in the classroom. 
    I found this site very beneficial.

Education Pod casting Network

     The EPN is a great source for teachers in many ways.  This site brings together information that can be helpful to educators who want to teach and learn in the 21st century.
     There are many different pod casts to enjoy on this site . The pod casts span many age groups and subjects. It allows you to experience the examples and use this information for your classroom.
      I have saved this site on Delicious and will reference it in the future.


  1. Hi Tricia,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog assignment 4! I also blogged about the Eagles' Nest Radio and Class Blog, they are amazing, aren't they? After listening to their podcast on the Ancient Romans I learned so much about the gladiators and Cleopatra that I had never known. They were all so enthusiastic throughout the whole episode.

    I didn't read to much about the Education Podcasting Network, but after reading what you wrote about how it gives examples for incorporating podcasts for many age groups and subjects, I will definitely go back and look it over! Thanks!


  2. I hope these assignments helped you prepare for your podcast

  3. Tricia,
    I enjoyed reading your blog post. I thought the same thing when I read and listened to the Eagles' Nest Radio and Class Blog. These students are so young; I was in shock at how great they did podcasting. I listened to the podcast about sharks that they did. I learned more from them than what I have learned from watching Shark Week every year!
    I can't wait to try podcasting in my classroom.