Friday, September 9, 2011

Blog Post #3

Peer Editing
     I received some great information about peer editing in this assignment. Peer editing should first involve being positive and giving compliments. Everyone likes to hear what has been done well. It is important to give suggestions about word choice, organization, and topic. Making corrections about spelling and grammar is also very important and helpful. Efforts made in peer editing will help your peer in the long run. Watching the videos has helped me to know how to handle peer editing for EDM 310. I plan on following the guidelines.

It's Not About Technology- by Kelly Hines
    I agree that it's not about technology.  It is definitely about the actual learning. Teachers must also be perpetual learners who are interested in their profession. Teachers cannot be stagnant and stubborn in their pursuit of understanding things. There is a reason behind the professional development and the renewal of a certificate.
     I also find it interesting and agree that if learning has not taken place then the teacher has not done the job.This takes common sense to understand but it is often ignored. The ultimate goal of  teaching is learning. Teachers must teach, reteach, reteach etc if necessary. Moving on in a lesson is pointless if learning has not taken place.
     Technology is useless without good teaching. I couldn't agree more! It's not about the $5000 white board but its ability to facilitate better teaching and learning.
     Teachers must have the proper mindset in order for the best hings to happen to their students. The teacher's skill is an extremely important factor in the success of students--not technology.

Is it Okay to be a Technologically Illiterate Teacher? by Karl Fisch
     I agree with Karl Fisch.  It's really not okay to be a technologically illiterate teacher. But so many are today. Teachers who are not technologically literate are not reaching their potential with themselves or their students. I also agree with Karl Fisch that educators must achieve a basic level of technological capability.  It cannot be avoided. Technology is everywhere and heads must be removed " from the sand".
   I do not think educators should be embarrassed about being technologically ignorant. Embarrassment leads to shame and shame would not lead to any progress.  I believe,because I probably fit this category, that educators should have an open mind and be willing to learn.  It really isn't funny to be technologically ignorant, and I believe it is accepted, especially in older generations.
    A third grade teacher ,who's been teaching 15+  years, has had a smartboard in her classroom for over 2 years. Sadly, she has never turned it on. My secret goal is to get her to use it.
     I must also confess, that at the age of 44, this EDM 310 class was not very high on my list of classes to take. I resisted. In fact, I even almost dropped the class.  I have now come to the conclusion that I must at least pass this class if I want to be the best teacher possible for my future students.

 scramble  Counts by Gary P Hayes
     I had to go to Youtube to watch this video. I found it very interesting and astounding.  The counting of the social media  can really open your eyes to the breadth of technology in our world.  I was amazed at the constant changing of the numbers.
     What does this mean for me in my professional teaching career?  It means that the are here to stay and they are very far-reaching. It's almost mind boggling. My students will probably be a part of it. I should be aware of these facts and try to actually use the to enhance education when possible.
     It also tells me that people truly enjoy connecting with each other. Teachers connect with students in a real life personal setting. The other connections cannot be dismissed or ignored. Perhaps there is connection that can be made half way around the world to enhance an educational experience. Keep an open mind.

A Vision for Students by Michael Wesch
     This is an excellent video that makes me reflect on teaching. It shows some of the things that are terribly wrong with our educational system and implies ways to make it better.  That is, how can we make school more meaningful in our world.
     It is actually sad to think that students pay and spend time doing things that they consider absolutely pointless.  Even worse, they spend the bulk of their childhood doing these things! This video also reminds me how technologically savvy most students are and how it is ignored in the school system.It's time to meet our students half way. They can use their technology and we will help them learn from it.
     This video makes me reflect on the type of vision I want in my classroom as well as the type of teacher I want to be. I do not want my students involved in pointless activities.  Great video!

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  1. " A third grade teacher ,who's been teaching 15+ years, has had a smartboard in her classroom for over 2 years. Sadly, she has never turned it on. My secret goal is to get her to use it.:" Or give it to someone who will use it! I am not a big fan of IWBs, but if they are there they do have some positives!

    "My students will probably be a part of it. I should be aware of these facts and try to actually use the to enhance education when possible." Just remove probably and you will be correct!

    "I do not want my students involved in pointless activities." Wonderful.

    Thoughtful. Well written.