Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blog Post #14

tech in the classroom
This is an absolutely wonderful blog! Jose Picard is so passionate and is great at sharing information that is helpful to a teacher. He practices what he preaches! The long list of teacher blog is something that I can use now and in the future. I have already saved this site to my PLN.
I only wish I had learned about it sooner.
I enjoyed the tips for using technology in the classroom. It puts everything that I have learned in EDM 310 into perspective. He suggests to use streaming video. He also likes to use music in his classroom. It could definitely be a motivating factor to most students. They almost all have an ipad and begin listening at 3:00. Teleconferencing is a tool that can be used in the classroom, although I had not thought of it before in that particular way. It is important to use the whiteboard effectively. That is great advice. Take time to learn about it and it will benefit you and your students. Blogs are great. They can be readily and easily used in a classroom. I have learned about many great examples of blogging this semester. Social networking in a classroom is intimidating to a lot of teachers. Why not use something your students know very well? It can enhance learning. There are so many internet tool available to a teacher that are there for the taking. Look for them and use them. That is such good advice. Making the most of student gadgets is a great suggestion. Watching the video, I kept asking myself "Why not?". I don't really have any excuse for not using technology in the classroom now that I have finished EDM 310. Thank you EDM 310. I will be using technology in my classroom.

C4K Summary Post- November

Behyan- I commented on Behyan's post. It was a very nice Halloween story assigned by Mrs. Yollis.
It was a story with monsters, kids, and candy. He had great details and a nice picture.
I commented about his writing and posted a video to him from youtube. I'm sure he would
like it. I complimented him on his writing and thanked him for sharing.

MATEO- Mateo live in England and also wrote a story. It was about his favorite rugby team.
It was colorful and nice. I told him I didn't know much about rugby but that I enjoy
watching sports. He did a nice job on his blog post and I am happy to see a young person
having enthusiasm in a blog post.
rugby player

C4T #4 November Summary post

ecard of a snowman

I visited a very cool site by Richard Byrne. This guy is on top of things. He posts often and provides great information for teachers. Plus, it's free! My first visit was about using a special application for powerpoint that would be helpful to students and teachers. I thanked him for the timely information. Especially since I know how much powerpoint is used in schools. He also provides 4 videos for viewing with each blog post. These are very interesting and I also thank him for sharing so much good information.

My second visit to Free Tech 4 Teachers was about allowing your students to write Christmas cards and sending them out over the internet. He teaches about a site called Animoto for Education. This information makes putting technology into a classroom very easy. I commented on his information and great idea. I also watched the 4 videos he recommended.

This is a great site that I will refer to often.

Final Report on PLN

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This is my final report on my Personal Learning Network. My PLN has been very helpful to me and will continue to be in the future. I like how it keeps my favorite websites organized and it is very easy to use. My PLN has definitely changed since my first report. it just keeps getting better.
Symbaloo is a great site and I am so happy to have learned about it.