Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special Assignment- I Got the Metaphor

I read a great working definition of a metaphor by Chris Jones. He found me on Twitter after a lively discussion about metaphors. Here it is.

A metaphor is a mental/linguistic technique that helps us understand
a complex concept by relating it to our more concrete, observable
experiences. By comparing two discreet ideas, we explore
similarities and can infer logical relationships.

There are many examples of metaphors in literature. One of the best examples is in Shakespeare's
play- As You Like It. One of the lines in the play is very famous. I'm sure you have probably heard it before. "All the world's a stage and men and women merely players." It is actually an extended metaphor in which the world is a stage for all to view and enjoy. Men and women are the subordinate players on the stage. I could give many more examples.

I heard a metaphor in Mass this morning. I thought about this EDM 310 assignment in church! In the reading from Ezekial, the love of God is compared to the love that a shepherd has for his sheep.That is how the shepherd will do anything to protect and care for his sheep. How he will go find his lost sheep. Great metaphor!

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