Friday, November 11, 2011

Blog Post #12- My Idea for an Assignment

     For this assignment you will learn about the Voice Thread. It is widely used in educational settings.  Please go to Voice Thread and register for an account.  It is free.
voicethreadlogoExplore the site on your own if you wish. Watch the Tutorial. It's 15-20 minutes and very worth your time.Explore the public gallery of voicethreads. Some are funny.Some are unusual. Enjoy them.

Take some time to think about a voicethread that you could use in your future classroom. Then, create it. It can be as many slides as you want or just one. You may include video or pictures.Remember, it's your voice thread.

 WARNING: Youtube cannot be used

Embed your VT to your blog.

Be the first to comment on your  own Voice Thread.

Then, Write a Quality Blog Post  about what you learned. Please include the positive and negative aspects of VT, the reason you chose your picture/video, and if you can see yourself using this tool in the classroom.

Next week in C4C, look for the VT of the classmate to whom you have been assigned. Participate in the VT of your classmate. As usual, you must also comment, in writing ,to the blog post.

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