Friday, November 4, 2011

Blog Post #11

Ms. Cassidy

     Ms. Cassidy is a great teacher.She has good support regarding technology at her school, but she is the driving force behind its use in her classroom. Ultimately it is up to the teacher. She says that if you are not using technology in the classroom that you are "handicapping" your students. Good word. Very true. Ms. Cassidy teaches first grade. I wonder how much the second grade teachers use technology?

     Ms. Cassidy has a classroom blog. I would like to have a blog in my classroom some day. She takes all of the necessary precautions related to identity. Her students do not use their last names and pictures are used very carefully. I will problem encounter resistance when I try to set up a blog. With proper communication, common sense, and a true desire to help students and parents, I can do it.

     I like that Ms. Cassidy found another blogging classroom in which students comment to each other. It is always beneficial to find a classroom with something in common. It can even be a classroom on the other side of the world! This is great for the whole process. It is probably not very hard to find one, either!

     I like how Ms.Cassidy's blog serves as an on-line portfolio for her students and their parents to enjoy.
I wasn't shocked that the parents loved to see their child's work on line. This benefits the teacher, parents, and students.

     Ms. Cassidy stated that "kids and technology go hand in hand." She is so right. Kids are using technology more and more at younger and younger ages. She knows this and uses it to enhance the learning environment.  I'm still a little curious about how the parents reacted to their children bringing a Nintendo DS to school.
nintendo dsI have two children with a NintendoDS and it would take a special teacher and very good reason for me to like this idea.

     Ms. Cassidy uses on-line games to help her students with certain concepts. She says she has a problem with her students trying to go to games that they want to play for fun, rather than one with an educational purpose.I can see how tempting this could be for a young person. It is good to be aware of this and make some proactive rules about it. I will use on-line games in my classroom.

     Ms. Cassidy uses technology in the right way. She is really educating               her students. I have learned a lot from her.




  1. Hi Tricia,

    You did a great job summarizing Ms. Cassidy's blog. I agree that it is ultimately up to the teacher when it comes to how technology is used in the classroom. I learned a lot from her too. I liked learning about her students and their portfolios. I definitely plan on letting my students create portfilios. It is great way for parents to see their child's progress. I am glad you enjoyed learning about Ms. Cassidy. Keep up the good work!

  2. Tricia,

    Clearly you have found this Blog Assignment useful! It is great that you are thinking of ways to use Ms. Cassidy’s ideas in a modified way for your own classroom.