Friday, November 11, 2011

C4K #10- Mrs. Yollis' Class Blog

yollis blog page     Mrs. Yollis' class blog is such an inspiration. I've been thinking about a class blog for my future classroom and have found a fantastic resource. Mrs. Yollis is so impressive with her desire to be and create lifelong learners. The world is her classroom. She has such great information on the blog for her students and the visitors.
      This third grade blog has had more than 72,000 visitors which is more than the EDM class blog. We just passed 50,000. This is amazing! All of the students seem to love everything about blogging and judging from the comments, the parents do too. It is so great how she connects with people in her school,neighborhood,city, state, and on the other side of the world in another hemisphere and time zone.
      Mrs. Yollis holds her students to a very high standard and extends that standard to all visitors. WOW! Mrs. Yollis also makes it look so easy because she has taken the time to educate herself about all aspects of blogging. This is the best blog I have visited this semester. I plan on visiting again to learn from Mrs. Yollis and her students. Thank you for the assignment.

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  1. Tricia you did a good job. And this was well put. I loved this assignment to it was my favorite too. Because I love to see students reactions when they see other students from others states on the Blogs or on the Skype. It is so cool. I can't wait to do it with my own group of students.