Friday, November 11, 2011

Blog Post #12 -Doing the Assignment

I learned a lot about the Voice Thread through this assignment.The tutorials are very well done. The voice thread is very easy and fun to use. It has many features that can enhance a lesson through technology. There are so many ways to comment and there are so many ways to create a good voice thread. Anytime a tool like this is used, it enhances learning.

VT also has negative aspects. Not being able to use youtube is a definite negative point because people are so familiar with it and use it all the time. There are so many thought provoking videos on youtube. I wanted to use one. Maybe in the future, this will be possible.

I chose a picture from Google images that I could use in the study of Alabama History. This is a picture that can excite students about the information they will be receiving in the next chapter.

I enjoy using the voicethread. It is a nice change of pace.


  1. Hello Tricia, this is just an optional comment but I found your post interesting. I actually know about these indian mounds. I am an outdoorsy person and often hunt in the mobile river delta on an island cleverly named mound island. There are still mounds there today I have seen although they were made hundreds of years ago. They say they were just used for ceremonial purposes but possibly used for burials too since some people that visit find ruminants of old potery and what not. I just find it impressive they were able to construct them by hand since I would guess to say some are up to 200ft in height.

  2. Tricia,

    Neat idea! I have never heard of Voice Thread before but there is a lot that you could do with it! Is there an option to change the picture as you go along?