Friday, October 7, 2011

C4T #3


Willful Blindness by Scott McLeod
     Dr. Mcleod's blog is fantastic. In this post he writes a short letter to educators, parents, community members, and policy makers. He is telling "certain people" that they are willfully turning a blind eye to the changes in the world and that this "blindness" does not mean the changes haven't occurred. It is literary "slap in the face" to those who resist and deny the technological changes in our world. This "blindness" does not trump reality, as he eloquently states.
slap in face     My comment to him was one of gratitude. I thanked him for the "slap in the face" that he has provided to many people through this blog post.  I told him that I could sense his frustration and pictured him with gritted teeth and a pointed finger in someone's chest. I told him that people seem to resist change for many reasons including fear, selfishness, and habit. I told him to rest his hands and be ready to give a lot more slaps.
     He enjoyed my comment and responded to me personally by e-mail. He made my day.

Klout Showdown: Universities v. ed tech tweeps by Scott McLeod

klout logo
    Scott McLeod had fun making a table showing the klout (influence) score of some universities versus individuals in the area of educational technology. Texas A & M has the highest klout score in the table with a 73. Ten individuals listed have nearly the same klout score as that university or higher (71-78).
   I thanked him for teaching me about klout scores. I told him that it is interesting that an individual can rival or surpass the influence of a university through the judicious use of the technology that they profess and possess.
     I told him that those individuals listed in the table should enjoy a steak dinner, sprinkled with a little salt.
I told him I enjoyed the post.

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