Friday, October 14, 2011

Blog Post #8

man dreaming

This is How We Dream
- By Richard Miller
     The title of this video is very appropriate. Richard Miller is dreaming about a world of integrated technology that enhances reading and writing for everyone.  He discusses the incremental and fundamental changes that have happened or will happen regarding reading and writing. 
     For example, one incremental change has been the ability to collaborate through technology with people around the world. People are getting more and more comfortable with this ability. As the comfort level increases, so will its use and then new ideas will spring forth. One fundamental change deals with our thinking. It is sometimes our thinking that is actually holding us back rather than the actual ability to do something. Fundamental changes take time, effort, and persistence. When we are able to share our ideas freely then we are able to share our dreams for the future. Richard Miller's language of how we can "collect the threads of experience and weave them together" is inspiring.
     Am I prepared to write in multimedia? I am not totally prepared, but the knowledge I am attaining in EDM 310 is definitely helping me to reach that goal. Every new concept that I learn and practice is making me more and more comfortable with the vast amount of knowledge that is available to me. 
     Will my students be able to do this? My future students will be so ready to do this type of activity. That is, an assignment that incorporated multimedia techniques. They are witnessing this type of activity very regularly and would probably enjoy the challenge of doing it themselves.

Carly Pugh's Blog Post
     Carly employs some multimedia techniques thoroughly and thoughtfully in her blog post.  All of her time, effort, and technical skills paid off with an excellent product. The links are wonderful and weave together very nicely. It is a great example of integrating Youtube videos into a blog. Carly comes very close to being part of Richard Miller's "dream."   I will refer to it often.

Chipper Series and EDM for Dummies
     The primary message of the "Chipper Series" reminds me of Rafe Esquith. That is, "There are no shortcuts." Students often try to take the easy way out or deny the process of learning that goes along with the product.  This video is cute and reminds me to stay the course and enjoy the learning, even though it is very difficult, because it is worth it. 
chipper     I could've starred in "EDM for Dummies." It reminds me that effort, determination, tutorials, and great lab help can alleviate the frustration associated with a difficult class.  That is, you can succeed in EDM 310 with the right outlook and opening your mind to the concepts and opportunities that are given to you. This can lead to a very rewarding learning experience.
     I have an idea for a fun and funny video. I would like to get the students in EDM 310 that are older than 35 and create a video on how to survive this class. I would call it "The Wise Woman's Guide to Surviving EDM 310" or " The Survival Guide for the nontraditional student in EDM 310."

Learn to Change, Change to Learn
brickwall     I wasn't surprised at all that the educational system ranked at the bottom (even below coal mining) in terms of technological integration. A system that is so vast and powerful takes time to change. What other system affects as many people? The changes that are needed are no longer a matter of choice but a matter of time.
Why? Because these changes are happening everywhere else in the world. 
     When we realize and embrace that the bridges that are created, the communities that are formed, and the opportunities that are available through technological integration, then our children and the world will benefit.
     The title of this video is so appropriate. I definitely believe that the educational system is one of the hardest to change because so many minds must be changed.  That is, the entrenched mindset of what "school" is supposed to be. When thinking changes regarding technology,  learning is enhanced and improved. The "product' becomes superior which is really the ultimate goal of education. The brick walls must come down.      

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  1. Tricia,

    Great blog post! You seemed to have really thought hard about this writing assignment. You are so right in saying the educational system will be one of the hardest to change. It is so difficult to get a large group of people to think outside the box when defining education. However, hopefully through this class, we teachers can slowly change that mindset!

    By the way, I love your idea for the video about Nontraditional EDM 310 Students!

    Reminder: Be sure to put links in your blog posts to the assignments!