Thursday, October 27, 2011

C4T #3 Royan Lee: The Spicy Learning Blog

Song Collaboration
gran torino movie poster     This post by Royan Lee is a video that he embedded to his blog about how Clint Eastwood and a songwriter collaborated across continents for a song in the movie It's a great video and was enjoyable to watch. Clint Eastwood sent a few piano notes to a songwriter and he developed the notes and created a wonderful song for the movie. The collaboration was through technology and eventually in person. It is inspiring to watch two masters of a trade work together for a common purpose.
     I commented to Mr. Lee on the enjoyment of the video and thanked him for sharing it with his blog visitors.
I told him I enjoyed watching the collaboration and that it was inspiring. He caused me to watch the movie Gran Torino and have insight into the song at the end.

BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
     This post gives teachers some valuable information if one is considering doing BYOD. Mr. Lee actually provides a list of reasons not to do it which in turn helps teachers to be prepared for all of the misguided people and misinformation about such a program. For example, he discusses the disparity that will exist when students start bringing things from home. He tells how many members of a school staff will not understand how the technology will benefit the learning experience and how there are such rigid policies surrounding technologies. It's a great list that allows teachers to go in with their "eyes wide open" to the obstacles that exist in a program like BYOD.
BYOD     I commented to Mr. Lee that his list is great and very beneficial. I also told him that  many of those same obstacles would exist if students were bringing their dog (D) to school! The misconceptions about educational technology has closed the  minds of adminstrators . I told him the list is very helpful and provides the necessary forethought when implementing BYOD in your classroom. I also told him that the list contains things  can definitely be changed through people like him who are resolved to make a difference through technology.
      I enjoyed the post.

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