Thursday, December 1, 2011

C4T #4 November Summary post

ecard of a snowman

I visited a very cool site by Richard Byrne. This guy is on top of things. He posts often and provides great information for teachers. Plus, it's free! My first visit was about using a special application for powerpoint that would be helpful to students and teachers. I thanked him for the timely information. Especially since I know how much powerpoint is used in schools. He also provides 4 videos for viewing with each blog post. These are very interesting and I also thank him for sharing so much good information.

My second visit to Free Tech 4 Teachers was about allowing your students to write Christmas cards and sending them out over the internet. He teaches about a site called Animoto for Education. This information makes putting technology into a classroom very easy. I commented on his information and great idea. I also watched the 4 videos he recommended.

This is a great site that I will refer to often.

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